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It’s been almost a year?!!!

15 Nov

Wow!! I really can’t believe that it’s almost a year since my last post. Tsk!Tsk! I’ve been extremely busy with my work and of course with cakes as well and generally with life. I’ve made tons of cakes from cars to ships to horses and to Disney characters. I will certainly post pictures soon.:-) I’ve also been exploring restaurants in and around Eindhoven and will share my reviews as well. Please look forward to some new tutorials in the new year. Lots of exciting stuff. Stay tuned!!:-)


How to marble fondant the easy way

28 Sep

The traditional method of marbling fondant is to mix three shades of the same color with white and mix it until you get the right effect that you need. I’ve always had a couple of  problems with that. I never seem to have the dark color that I want available and have to make a portion of it ( not the best when you are in a hurry). Secondly, I tend to over knead and I lose out on the right shade of marbling.

So here’s a quick way of getting the marble effect on fondant

You’ll need:

1. Fondant . For the example I ‘ve used fondant the size of a large lemon. The fondant Has to be soft.

2. A rolling pin

3. Fondant color of your choice

4. Two  ice-cream sticks or two butter knives . Toothpicks will not work in this case.

Step 1:

Make sure that the fondant is nice and soft. You can either pop it in the microwave for about 10 seconds on high or knead it until its soft. Roll your fondant into a sausage and flatten it slightly.

Step 2: Using the first ice-cream stick, put small drops of food color on the fondant about 1/2 cm apart. If its a large piece of fondant, then about 1 cm apart.

Step 3: With the other stick, gently push the color into the fondant about 1/2 way through. Make sure that you don’t push it all the way through. The reason I use two different sticks is that if you need more color, then dipping the fondant covered stick into the color tub will ruin the color that’s already in the tub.

Step 4: Fold the fondant over and roll it out a little. Don’t worry if you get some color on the rolling pin. DO NOT KNEAD.

Step 5: FOLD and roll it out again a few more times until you start seeing the right shade that you require. Remember : FOLD AND ROLL. It took me just 3 folds to get the right shading that I needed.

Hope you find this useful. This is how I marbled and covered the cake below.