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How to make a glue/paint brush holder

26 Sep

When I am working with cakes, I always seem to keep my edible glue dipped brush on the mat. I always keep it in a different place each time and it becomes quite messy especially when you are trying to finish something quite quickly. I tried using a paint mixing palette but somehow I seem to keep it in a place where I can’t find it anymore. Moreover , it occupies too much of space on my little table . So here’s a quick solution!


1. Take a lemon size ball of fondant of any color of your choice. This is a good way to use leftover fondant.Take the number of brushes that you might use regularly.



2. Flatten the fondant slightly and  make indents with your paintbrushes about 40% of the way.


Make your that you use the center of the brush to make the indents and the bristles should be about  1/4 cm above the mat.

3.Remove the brushes and let the fondant dry for at least two days. Once dried solid, it can go into your box of tools where you can’t lose them. I find it very useful.